DataTalks started (as with so many of our ideas) as a bright idea one day as we were discussing the type of event that we really wanted to go to; we wanted it to be inspirational, challenging, passionate about data; we also wanted it to be fun. A place where we could showcase the sheer volume of talent that exists within the data community, both of the data leaders that already are working hard and the incredibly people who will be our data leaders of the future. Whilst we completely understand the risk adverse side of what we do we wanted to get away from the doom and gloom aspects that haunt our data world and face forward, look to the future of data and the possibility to inspire us. Hence Data Talks was born,


If you are a Chief Data Officer, Head of Data, Analytics or Data Science or a data leader then the DataTalks Conference is for you. The inspirational and challenging content of this type, delivered in this way is not available elsewhere. The DataTalks will be passionate and engaging on the leading edge of data by the people who are leading the way. The DataTalkers brief is to get on stage, unleash their imagination and have fun. We are foregoing death by PowerPoint in order to share with you the passion we all feel about data and what the future holds. You will leave the event feeling energised and excited about the future of data. Come along, challenge them and yourself, enjoy, think and maybe grab a data cookie on the way.


We are committed to growing our data community and further professionalising the data roles that continue to grow and evolve. There is much to do but together we can see a bright future for data and the impact it has on our world so we encourage everyone to play their part. Data is an exciting place to be right now, lets continue this brilliant journey and harness the power of data. Our capability is currently just limited by our imagination, so lets unshackle ourselves from what we think and create the future of data we believe in.


Just look as some of the pictures from DataTalks London 2018, next stop Johannesburg in February 2019.



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