Strategy and Roadmap

Whether the business focus is improved governance and controls, regulatory compliance, speed and agility or innovation; data will enable and expedite delivery of any organisations business goals.

Carruthers & Jackson provide a unique approach to the development of organisational data strategies with people at the heart. By working closely with the people driving the organisation, we can support the business to not only craft a data strategy that is integrated and fully aligned with their specific business strategy, but also one that focuses on knowledge transfer to the teams. Central to Carruthers and Jackson approach is ensuring the data strategy is continually developing in line with business grows.

Our team of experienced strategic consultants bring experience of developing and delivering data strategies across many industry sectors, when coupled with your teams this powerful force will provide the vision and approach to transform your data landscape. Developed using our unique 12-point model, focussed on both value and risk, the data strategy provides the platform for data transformation.

Whilst ensuring data is ready and able to meet future needs, we do not forget the importance of enabling current business operations. A fundamental component of the data strategy is the immediate data strategy. Identifying those changes that should be made in the near term to improve current business operations, whilst building the foundations for further data improvements.


“Carruthers & Jackson have been instrumental in helping the organisation identify the changes we need to make to become a data enabled organisation. By framing all the activities in a comprehensive roadmap, we have been able to take control of the programme of activity and track progress.”

— The Charity for Civil Servants

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