Data Maturity

The Carruthers and Jackson Data Maturity Assessment covers every aspect of an organisation proven to underpin good data maturity, it develops engagement across all areas of your business and provides deep understanding of where improvements to your data landscape can reduce business risk and provide tangible business value.

The assessment focusses on 12 dimensions and their impact on data within your organisation. The evidence-based approach is conducted through a series of interactive workshops with stakeholders from across your organisation. The consolidated output will clearly articulate the current and desired states data maturity.


Combining your deep business understanding with our insights, experience and research, enables us together to determine the focus for your business and the way ahead for data improvements.

Our unique and structured approach provides you with the framework to continue to assess your capability as you deliver improvements across your data management capability.


It is intended that the maturity assessment framework is repeated periodically, usually every 12 – 18 months, allowing you to demonstrate the positive progress made and ensure future planning reflects business priorities.


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